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Our Authors



Dr Debraj Shome is a surgeon, specialised in facial plastic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery, based in India. He is the co-founder and director at The Esthetic Clinics, which has multiple centres all over India. Dr Shome has received many awards from numerous agencies and is known for his breakthrough innovations in facial plastic surgery. He has more than 55 research papers written in top peer-reviewed international publications along with a US patent to his credit. He is the inventor of the QR 678 hair growth formulation. He was the first recipient from Asia and the youngest globally to be awarded the prestigious Davies Foundation Grant Award by the Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow, in 2010. Besides clinical work, Dr Shome is the Director of the Debabrata Auro Foundation and dedicates a lot of time to philanthropic activities for the betterment of society. Dr Shome can be contacted at www.debrajshome.com.

Sonali S. Namiranian


Sonali S. Namiranian DRSc (2023) MBA-BT, CCRP – Founder and CEO of The Peace Warrior (TPW) is a compassionate human being and a compassionate leader who seeks to tap human connections every day. She is a well-established and certified clinical research & management professional with 15 years of comprehensive clinical research, clinical research management, and regulatory affairs experience. For the past 9 years she worked at UCLA, David Geffen School of Medicine of which 7 years she served as the Director of the Women’s Health Clinical Research Unit (WHCRU). She is an advisor, facilitator and consultant to research investigators, scientists, and BioTech & MedTech startups. Currently, she serves as the Director of Operations for a MedTech/Biotech spin-out company from UCLA Medical School. Through her work, she strives to make an impact – one human at a time. She knows that she was born to serve and help make this world a better place – every single day. She understands that everything she does directly or indirectly helps push the boundaries of the medical and biotech fields and this keeps her excited every day.

She is a Peace Warrior in spirit who has an awakening, a calling to initiate The Peace Warrior movement, so that together we can: Serve Humanity & Bring About Positive Transformations in Our World – through – Compassion, Creative Expression – & Manifestation of Our Good Voice. www.thepeacewarrior.org  

She says: “You, I, each one of us can be a Peace Warrior. If we choose to speak up at the right time, if we choose to act when needed, if we choose to carry the right thought mindset, if we choose to fill our heart with love and compassion. If we care, if we want to make a positive impact, if we want to give back, if we feel the pain of others – if any of these or all of these happen to you, then you are a Peace Warrior.”