About The Book

Dear People 2 is a beautiful book that celebrates change, innovation, and the future of the medical and scientific field – globe over. It contains stories that strike the chord of Doctor-Patient Relationships, the struggles of medical entrepreneurs and physician scientists, and their contributions to make our world better.

This is a book that any one of us would want to pick and read because – it is real, and we have all been touched by it in one way or the other. Doctors and scientists are humans too and they are therefore patients as well. And patients can become doctors or scientists later and vice versa, or influence and collaborate on projects that drive change, innovation and the future needs of the medical and scientific fields.

To be able to read these stories, allows one to dive into each of these journeys. So, you take several mini journeys and thus come closer to the medical and scientific field and the countless possibilities that lie ahead of us. You come closer to the patients. Each one of us is a patient at some point or the other, no matter who we are, at the end of the day, we care for our lives and want to live a full and healthy life.

One must realize that Media and Wikipedia should not be accepted as a source of medical and scientific information and knowledge, in fact it can give us a sense of false reality. This is a challenge in today’s day and age of the internet and something many physicians can relate to. So it is our humble attempt to close this knowledge and understanding gaps and allow our readers to learn to accept information from the source, as they try to dive into the realm of science. It’s interesting. This book is therefore of great purpose and value and our very sincere gift to both the medical and scientific communities, as well as our dear patients.

It will allow us to – bridge the gaps that exist – relationship gaps, especially that exist and have become a divide in society where many a times it becomes patients against doctors, doctors against patients, doctors against bureaucracy and doctors against whatnot. It shouldn’t be seen that way at all – We are all in this together. We all contribute to this very fabric.

Without patients, there are no doctors.  Without research participants, there are no investigating physicians/scientists. It goes hand in hand. More importantly, it is an act of service, right? The doctors are here to serve our societies. They are our healing hands. We cannot deny that. But does that mean that every single doctor is the ideal doctor? We are not claiming that. Is every patient, an ideal patient? We are not claiming that either. We simply desire to focus on the positives, on the beauties, on the struggles, to succeed to bring humanity to the forefront of medicine, on the milestones that have brought society to the cusp of innovation and technology.

Here is a book that bridges many gaps and brings together people from all walks of life, to be able to celebrate our healing hands, to be able to celebrate our patients, to be able to celebrate our innovators and change makers, our physician entrepreneurs, visionaries, scientists and researchers and allow more and more people to understand the day to day realities, the emotions, the turbulences that exist in the current medical and scientific fields and the many possibilities, innovations and promises that lie ahead of us.

This book is about celebrating the absolute hardships, the realities of physicians, scientists, innovators and change makers – the sacrifices they make and the sufferings they go through to get to those achievements, as well as about celebrating our patients and the beautiful relations that exist between a doctor and a patient.

How did we come about these 30 odd stories?

This was a very arduous and robust process of researching and short listing authors. It started off with literally following famous medical innovations of our times, physicians and change makers in the medical and scientific fields, from various specialties and super specialties of medicine, who have made great contributions to the medical and scientific fields and thus impacted humanity.

This landed us with a huge list of 10,000 potential authors. The  editorial team was asked to skim it down based on the relevance of the innovation, the current and the future potential of the technology, impact quotient and awareness quotient to the readers, and most importantly how many lives were impacted by these medical interventions. It has been our sincere attempt to create a book that has a strong purpose and provides immense, high quality information and value to its readers. The book should provide the reader with scientific impact, awareness, and most importantly the human connection.

Based on these factors, we drilled down over two months to a first list of 2000 authors. And, then drilled down further with more stringent parameters to bring down to a list of 500 authors.

With this final list of 500, we started to contact our physicians, innovators, change makers and scientists (some wearing multiple hats of course) and identify the final author list for this anthology, based on reciprocal interest, willingness to work with us to contribute to this cause, time commitment to help build a chapter story together and so on. If there were too many innovations, for example, in cardiology, we couldn’t possibly cover every single one of them, there was limited scope for multiple stories on the same topic. With parallel technologies, we went with those that had the most impact, number of lives touched, and future promise it holds.

So here is a very diverse and well calibrated anthology of stories, that celebrates our doctors, our patients, our scientists, our innovators and our change makers, while allowing our readers to connect with and plunge into several mini journeys, and bridge several gaps that exist in the medical and scientific fields. These stories will allow the reader to understand what impacts & affects the doctor patient relationship and to be able to spotlight and tap into the meaningful nature of our human connections – isn’t this amazing?