Lead The Movement

Dear People is an initiative by DAF Foundation , one of the top NGO in Mumbai actively involved in the arenas of education of underprivileged children and healthcare facilities for them.

Dear People aspires to …

  • Be the medium that takes the onus of communicating the ‘Doctor’s side of the story’ and achieve this by reaching out to a wide audience of readers around the country.
  • Initiate a nationwide conversation that creates awareness around the current state of the Doctor-patient relationship and what we can do to improve the same.

To achieve this positive state of the doctor-patient relationship, we need your support!

Direct Donation

You can support by directly donating to the Debabrata-Aura Foundation. These donations will be utilized to perform 101 subsidized surgeries for the underprivileged section of our society. This will not only generate goodwill for the doctor community, but will also re-establish trust.

Increasing the reach

You can also support by purchasing copies of the book in bulk. For a sizeable order, these books can be customised to have your logo on the front and back cover